Experiential Night

Experiential Night

Hosted by Maggie & Erin

Dust off the cobwebs, rejuvenate yourself & welcome Spring!

Zentangles & Mandalas

zentangle Who:     Counselors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, nurses, others in “helping professions”*

When:   Sunday, May 4th.  7-9:00 pm

Where:  CATC Studio.  Ivy Building.  2637 27th Ave. S.  Minneapolis, MN  55406

Cost:      $10 to register.  Donations toward supplies also accepted.

This is an opportunity to not only spend some time engaging in valuable self-care & enriching your creative “self”, but also to consult, socialize & network with other like-minded professionals. Dress comfortably and bring a sketchbook and/or any of your favorite art supplies/materials (or use what’s available in the studio).  Also feel free to bring a snack and/or bottle of wine to share.  It will be a fun & enriching evening!

For more information or to register please email Maggie at meevans77@gmail.com.

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