Fall Retreat



Early this Fall Maggie’s supervison group met for a retreat that was led by Bevie LaBrie and Charmagne Derichs.  Maggie presented this opportunity for her supervisees as a break from the traditional group format. It offered the group an opportunity to process thoughts and feelings about their clients or places of employment. It provided the group time to practice self-care, reflection and intention setting. And it gave us a time to connect as a community of like-minded professionals to share our strengths and be vulnerable about our struggles.

The weather was absolutely perfect as we spent our morning on the banks of the Mississippi. Bevie led an experiential that focussed on connecting with nature and the elements. In addition to visual journaling, I took advantage of the opportunity to get behind an actual camera lens again and document the beauty around me. We returned to the CATC studio in the
afternoon as Charmagne led us in yoga and mindfullness practices. This was a time dedicated to being in our bodies, to feel grounded & move with intention.




It was an incredible day and an enriching experience for all!

If you are seeking supervision for LPC/LPCC or ATR licensure CATC has group and individual supervison opportunities available.

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